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Open Studio Night 2012


SCAD Atlanta Open Studio Night

SCAD Atlanta, events space, fifth floor, building C
Friday, Nov. 2
7 to 9 p.m.

More than 200 original works of art by SCAD students, professors and alumni are on display. This amazing event showcases the best in SCAD painting, photography, illustration, printmaking and sculpture. The event features live entertainment, hands-on demonstrations and light refreshments. Most work exhibited is available for sale.


Hope to see everyone there, it’s always one of the best events put on by SCAD. Free and open to the public, so invite your friends!

photos above: Frederic Cisneros, Rose M. Barron, and Brittany Wages


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My Recent Works

Here is some of my most recent work from Studio lighting last quarter, and Fashion Photography and Advanced Digital Imaging this Quarter.


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Using Your Fashion Powers for Good

Successful London fashion retoucher Becci Manson has helped to assemble an international effort to rescue photos in Japan damaged by the Tsunami. I’m gonna be honest, it may just be the finals stress getting to me, but I teared up at this video.



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Portland Grid Project

The Portland Grid Project began in 1996, with a group of photographers working to systematically document their city. Splitting the map into a grid with 1.5 mile squares, the photographers spent a month on each square. The range of techniques created not just an intimate portrait of Portland, but of the way each photographer sees their city as well.

I think this could be a cool extension of Mallory’s project. After seeing the places she found, it could be fun to do an Atlanta round. Anyone interested?



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Looking for Inspiration? Try something besides this.

Martin Parr, who spoke in Atlanta not too long ago, wrote up a post explaining some of the photographic clichés he sees the most.

In case you were thinking about shooting any of these, it might be worth a read. He doesn’t criticize using these subjects, but instead gently reminds you that it’s been done before, so you better make it worth it.




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Bonjour de Lacoste!


As you may or may not know, your dear classmates, Colleen and myself, are studying at the Lacoste campus this quarter! Studying at other campuses is a must! Not only do you learn about other cultures, but you get to experience so many new things, as well as having the opportunity to study with students from the other SCAD campuses! We’ve only had class for a week, and we’ve already travelled to so many different places surrounding Lacoste! Here are some pictures from our adventures! The gallery includes images from both of us. We hope you enjoy!

Stay posted for more updates!

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Images from the Review

Jackson Fine Art recently hosted a free portfolio review for photographers, and now they’ve teamed up with WonderRoot Community Arts Center for a gallery show. The show, on display at WonderRoot in Reynoldstown, features 16 artists who participated in the review, and will run throughout October. The opening party is next Thursday, September 29th at 7 PM and will be followed by an Artists Lock-In, in which the awesome facilities will be open to the public. Hope to see you there!


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