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My Recent Works

Here is some of my most recent work from Studio lighting last quarter, and Fashion Photography and Advanced Digital Imaging this Quarter.



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Vision In The Void

Our friends in this quarter’s seminar class are having their exhibition show Friday, September 2, 2011 at Young Blood Gallery and Boutique from 5-8 pm. Go out and enjoy an evening of wonderful work by some amazing photographers. Drinks and snacks included!!!

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Aye Jones! Now that grades are in..

Did you notice that one of Freddy’s images was spelled “Mexican Immirant?”  It was hilarious.


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Studio Lighting

Just wanted to show you guys what I was working on for my final in Studio Lighting!!!  I wanted to do some bridal shot in the studio since I want to get into wedding photography.

((Betsy was a WONDERFUL model!!!))

Hope you like them!   -Colleen


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Final weekend

Good luck everyone! Last weekend, Can’t wait to see everyone’s final projects!!!



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Que ago ?




saturated ? or unsaturated ? should I make the guy in the red shirt another color ? should I add kids too?



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Print Sizes – Opinions!

Ok, I’m starting to print these and I originally thought I would do them all at about 20×30″ , but I’m wondering if maybe they don’t all need it. Maybe for the sake of cohesiveness they should all be the same size, or maybe instead some have less detail or aren’t as strong and should just be closer to 13×19 as supporters? Let me know what you think, overall or for specific ones. Thanks!

(I love this photo, but should I keep it? Still try to reshoot it in a different bed? Or do ya’ll like it the way it is?)

(already printed really big)

(Still trying to recreate this with better light)



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